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Welcome to the new "No Surprises," Local marketplace for all your home, auto and landscaping material needs. Initially we are focusing on landscaping material and aggregates, but shortly you will be able to seek bids for your car and pick up truck windshield replacement, tires and oil changes, household products including carpet and flooring, counter tops and cabinetry and many other products and services. Any ideas you may have about products or services we can offer are always welcome. You can reach us thru the contact page.

Remember you can always review bid requests to see what other people are purchasing and use our calculator to determine material quantities and square footages, then post what you need and specify how long the bidding is open. When you hire a supplier for landscape materials you can pay for it and secure it in a few easy clicks. Just Post, bid and then buy! Simple!

Click here to view simple videos about how to reqister for a free account, post your first bid, hire a supplier and pay for materials. Visit our video page.